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What Was That Crazy Ford Mustang Jeremy Drove in the First Episode of “The Grand Tour”?

At the beginning of the first episode of “The Grand Tour,” Amazon’s new Web series featuring the former “Top Gear” trio, Jeremy Clarkson gets into a crazy Ford Mustang that looks like no other custom ‘Stang we’ve ever seen. We never see him review or describe what he was driving, and the only information we get about it is the word “rocket” on the trunk lid. So, what was it?

It turns out that Jeremy drove the Galpin Rocket. See the 2016 Ford Mustang models for sale near you

The Galpin Rocket is a joint project between famed Ford dealer Galpin Auto Sports and legendary designer Henrik Fisker. The Rocket debuted at the LA Auto Show in 2014, and it didn’t receive much press at the time, even though it looks pretty wild. The Rocket is an almost fully rebodied Mustang GT, and many panels have swapped out steel for carbon fiber. Inside, it still looks a lot like a Mustang GT — except there’s fine leather and carbon-fiber trim everywhere.

The Rocket also features a significant number of changes under the hood. The Mustang GT’s Coyote V8 has been given a 2.9-liter supercharger, which allows the Rocket to produce a claimed 725 horsepower at the crank and 630 hp at the wheels. That power is connected to the Rocket’s fat rear tires through a proper manual transmission, which apparently runs on the stock clutch from the Coyote V8. Obviously, those changes make the Galpin Rocket a pretty fast car.

Honestly, “The Grand Tour” was the first time I’d ever seen this thing, and I think I know why: Although it’s available in limited production, it costs about $125,000. That’s a lot for any Mustang, even if it has a ton of power and a coach-built interior and exterior. That money could buy you two Challenger Hellcats, making this a custom car that will probably only appeal to the biggest (and wealthiest) Mustang brand enthusiasts and collectors.

At least Jeremy seemed to enjoy it. Find a 2016 Ford Mustang for sale

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  1. I was at the Grand Tour Launch taping, and was standing right next to the car (and Clarkson) during the flyover. The Mustang was quite dusty. Before Clarkson returned to the car for the flyover shot, I wrote ‘Ape’ on the windshield with an arrow pointing at the drivers seat. Then I drew something James May is famous for saying squirting towards Clarkson. Unfortunately, Benji the director rubbed it all off before Jezza could see my artwork. 

    I had no idea what the car was, but did realize the irony of the famous trio driving 3 mustangs into a crowd. 

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