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Wow: There Might Actually Be a Midengine Chevy Corvette

I’ve recently heard rumblings of a midengine Chevy Corvette. If you know anything about the car industry, you know that this is basically "stupid rumor number one" — the Loch Ness Monster of the car world. A rumor that’s been discussed on and off for basically the last five decades, but one that’s never actually come true. When I hear this rumor, I roll my eyes. I’ve done so for years. It’s silly.

And yet …

We recently received some spy photos purportedly showing a midengine Chevy Corvette. They’re pretty compelling, and there’s little doubt that the vehicle in these photos — heavily camouflaged, of course — is midengine in design. The photo series is actually quite hilarious. It appears the car is being driven along, and then the occupants realize they’re being photographed, so they scramble to cover up the car.

Now, part of me believes this is just some old-school mule General Motors trots out every few years to fool people like me into believing the next Corvette will be a midengine car. That makes sense, as these rumors happen almost rhythmically about three years after the launch of each new Corvette; the current one came out in 2014, so we’re right on track. But this time around, I think there could also be some other possibilities at work here. I’ll give my two leading theories.

One possibility: They are actually going to make a midengine Corvette. Obviously, Chevy hasn’t confirmed this, but recently we’ve noticed that "the midengine Corvette" is starting to be discussed more seriously by rival brands. In fact, we’ve heard high-level executives at competing brands reference the car on a regular basis — and I suspect they know more about this stuff than I do, as a guy who just sits here and browses Autotrader for used AMG products.

Along with this rumor, we’ve also heard the rumor that the "old" Corvette will be sold alongside the midengine model for a year or two, for people who prefer their Corvettes the traditional way. Chevy already does this with the Impala, selling the old one to rental fleets. Maybe they’ll carry on the practice with the Corvette.

Of course, there’s also a second possibility: They’re going to make something else. Ford has the GT, Dodge had the Viper … maybe they’re planning some sort of exotic car or supercar that will slot above the Corvette. I’ve always felt the Cadillac brand would be ripe for such a vehicle; an Audi R8 or Mercedes-AMG GT rival that would really drive home the point that Cadillac is a new brand for new buyers. Maybe this is that?

I have no idea what to expect, and I’m not sure what’s coming. All I know is, it appears those people covered up that test car reeeeeeeally quickly when they were spotted — meaning this probably isn’t some stupid false alarm. Find a Chevrolet Corvette for sale

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