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You Can Get a Certified Pre-Owned Audi R8

Here’s a fact I absolutely love: you can buy an Audi R8 with a certified pre-owned warranty. What this means is you can walk into an Audi dealer and walk out with a used R8 that’s fully covered by a factory warranty — and not just any factory warranty, but one that’s generally considered among the most comprehensive in the industry.

The basic situation is this: Audi’s CPO warranty offers comprehensive (effectively, bumper-to-bumper) coverage for an additional year beyond the factory warranty (four years or 50,000 miles), with no mileage limit. Apparently, you can also add on additional years of coverage if you so desire — though, of course, they have an extra cost.

This is a pretty good situation, because it means you can get up to five years of coverage if your CPO vehicle is nearly new — or a year of coverage with no mileage limit if your vehicle is relatively old. Buy a 2-year-old R8 with a CPO warranty, and you’ll have three years of coverage — for a used exotic car. Buy a 5-year-old R8 and you’ll have a year of coverage with no mileage limit — and, as I mentioned, you can extend that year for additional coverage.

So what’s the drawback? Well, generally speaking, CPO vehicles tend to be a bit more expensive than their non-warrantied counterparts — but, to me, that isn’t the biggest issue, since I consider any premium to be worth the additional cost just based on the peace of mind you’ll get from having an exotic car with a warranty. The main problem instead is the fact that there just aren’t many certified pre-owned R8s: there are currently only five listed for sale on Autotrader in the entire country, meaning you don’t have many options if you want a CPO version.

With that said, Audi North Miami has a certified pre-owned 2015 R8 coupe with 20,000 miles listed for “just” $93,000 — a bargain considering that a brand-new model now sells for over $200,000. The Carfax report shows that it was sold new in February 2015, meaning it has its original warranty through February 2019, followed by the CPO through February 2020 — or more, if you extend it. It’s not a bad deal to drive a 6-figure exotic sports car worry-free for nearly two years, for a huge discount from its original MSRP.

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  1. The problem is the cost. While people that can afford a secondary car over $100k, they aren’t worried about maintenance and repair costs. Warranty is great, but it also makes the car more expensive, and a lot of these customers are nickel-and-dimers like 911 buyers, so dealers won’t CPO these to keep the price down.

  2. I wonder if these will go the way of the 911 (with the exception of the 996), where they never go that far down the depreciation curve.  Would not be surprised because I like them like I do the 911’s, so since I like them the chances are they’ll stay expensive.

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