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2018 Honda Odyssey: 1,100-Mile Road Trip

I recently drove 1,100 miles from Atlanta to Bethesda, MD, in our long-term 2018 Honda Odyssey. This continues to be the best driving minivan on the market, and it absolutely ate up the miles. Not only does it handle well, it’s quiet on the highway and almost feels like you’re driving a smaller crossover — until you look back and see how big it is!

Cargo Space

With only two adults and two children for a 4-day trip, this vehicle was complete overkill. Meaning, with the third-row seats folded down, the amount of cargo room available is astounding. The cargo room we actually used was minuscule. At the grandparents’ house, we just pulled up the third row for a lunchtime outing and had the grandparents ride with us instead of taking two vehicles, which was a really nice option to have.


It’s amazing how much better the start/stop is in this vehicle compared to our previous long-term Honda Pilot. I had absolutely no issue with it and never turned it off (which I did every time in the Pilot due to way too much delay). Maybe they’ve fixed the issue in the new Pilots as well? This likely helped contribute to the pretty darn good MPG. Around town, I was getting around 25 miles per gallon, and during one all-highway stretch, I got 28 mpg.

Styling Thoughts

At first, I wasn’t super impressed with the updated styling on the 2018 Honda Odyssey, thinking they could have done more with it. But after seeing so many of the previous generation on the road during our trip, I have to say, the exterior improvements on the grill and the floating D pillar have really grown on me.

Knobs and Things

I love that Honda has listened to its customers and brought back the volume knob! I only wish they would have also brought back the tuning knob — I always prefer them so you can keep your eye on the road while you search for what you want. Most manufacturers have removed the tuning knob, though, so you can’t fault Honda too much on that. Find a 2018 Honda Odyssey for sale

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