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2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord: Which Is Better?

  • The 2019 Toyota Camry and the 2019 Honda Accord continue a long rivalry for the midsize sedan throne.

  • Both cars are available with an efficient hybrid drivetrain.

  • The Camry is available with a V6 engine, but the Accord is available with a manual transmission.

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For decades, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have been battling for supremacy in the all-important midsize sedan segment. They both have strong reputations as reliable transportation that offer good value. In 2019, both of these cars are better than ever, so let’s see what’s similar, what’s different and which is better between the two.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord exterior


The Camry and the Accord are almost identical in size, each falling right in line with most of the midsize sedan segment. They’re big enough to be roomy and comfortable for four but still compact enough to be maneuverable and not take up too much space in your garage.

As for styling, which is the better-looking car largely comes down to personal preference. The Camry’s days of being a dull, boring sedan are over, with the current generation wearing a bold and sporty look. Different trims can change the look of the car quite a bit, and we like to see that kind of variety in a model range. See the 2019 Toyota Camry models for sale near you

The Honda Accord wears the Honda corporate aesthetic very well, with a sloping roofline that almost makes it a liftback. Its styling is conservative but not boring, with enough interesting lines to make it stand out. Much like the Camry, the Accord is no longer a boring-looking sedan. See the 2019 Honda Accord models for sale near you

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord interior


Like the exterior dimensions, the amount of space on the inside of both of these cars is pretty similar. They both have five seats and can both seat four adults quite comfortably, but like every car in this segment, it gets a bit cramped in the back seat with three people.

The interior quality is very nice across the board for the Accord no matter how much you’re spending, but it’s a bit of a mixed bag in the Camry. The high-end trims are very nice on the inside of both cars, but the interior materials can get pretty cheap on the lower-end Camrys.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord mechanicals


There’s a fairly wide variety of powertrain options on both the Camry and the Accord for 2019. Whether you want a frugal, affordable engine, a high-performance engine or an efficient hybrid powertrain, both cars will have something you’ll like.

2019 Honda Accord Engines

  • 1.5-liter turbocharged inline four; 192 horsepower, 192 lb-ft of torque; 30 miles per gallon in the city and 38 mpg on the highway

  • 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four; 252 hp, 273 lb-ft of torque; 23 mpg city/34 mpg hwy

  • 2.0-liter hybrid inline four; 212 hp, 232 lb-ft of torque; 48 mpg city/48 mpg hwy

2019 Toyota Camry Engines

  • 2.5-liter inline four; 203 hp, 184 lb-ft of torque; 29 mpg city/41 mpg hwy

  • 3.0-liter V6; 301 hp, 267 lb-ft of torque; 22 mpg city/32 mpg hwy

  • 2.5-liter hybrid inline four; 176 hp, 163 lb-ft of torque; 51 mpg city/53 mpg hwy

The biggest difference in performance in these engines is between the hybrid variants. The Accord Hybrid has more power and torque than the Camry Hybrid by a pretty significant margin, but the Camry Hybrid is also more efficient. As for the higher-performing conventional engines, the V6 available in the Camry has quite a bit more power than the 2.0-liter turbo four in the Accord, but the Honda has a little more torque.

It’s worth noting that the Camry is only available with an automatic transmission, while the Accord is available with a 6-speed manual transmission with either of the non-hybrid engines, but the manual is only available in the Sport trim. This makes the Accord Sport a good choice for the enthusiast who wants to shift their own gears.

With the base engines achieving a satisfying blend of performance and fuel economy with better engines available and very efficient hybrids, it’s hard to go wrong with any engine in either of these cars.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord technology


The Accord and the Camry both come standard with their brands’ respective safety-tech suites. For the Accord, it’s Honda Sensing, which includes autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. The Camry comes with Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) which has everything that Honda Sensing has with the exception of traffic sign recognition and with the addition of automatic high beams.

As for infotainment systems, a 7-inch touchscreen is standard on the Honda Accord, and it’s upgradable to an 8-in Display Audio unit that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The two screen sizes are the same in the Camry, with different Etune systems available, both of which come with Apple CarPlay, but none of which are compatible with Android Auto.

Driver-assistance and safety technology are very similar between these two sedans, but the availability of Android Auto gives the Accord a slight technological edge over the Camry.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord pricing


With a few exceptions, pricing is very similar for these two cars when they’re similarly equipped. The starting MSRP of the 2019 Accord is $23,720, and the 2019 Camry starts at $23,845. On the higher-end models like the Accord Touring and the Camry XLE, they can get well into the mid-$30k range.

However, pricing isn’t quite as similar for the hybrid models. The most affordable hybrid variant of the Camry is the Hybrid LE trim, which starts at $28,150, and the lowest-priced hybrid Accord is just $25,320. The smaller jump to a hybrid from a conventional gas engine makes the Accord Hybrid a little more attractive for drivers who want to save money both at the dealer and at the pump.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord conclusion


Both of these midsize sedans are at the top of their game, but we think the Honda Accord has a slight edge over the Toyota Camry. An interior that’s a little nicer, a more affordable hybrid and the availability of Android Auto and a manual transmission are enough for us to give it a stronger recommendation than we would give the Camry. The 2019 Camry’s shortcomings are minor and forgivable, and it’s still an excellent family sedan, but it falls behind the Accord in a few places where it counts. Find a Toyota Camry for sale or Find a Honda Accord for sale

Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt is an author specializing in Oversteer content, new car reviews, and finding the best car, truck, and SUV deals each month. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Eric can often be found exploring the north woods on his 1983 Honda Gold Wing when the weather allows it. Father of four, husband of one, and unapologetic minivan enthusiast. Eric mastered driving stick by having a 3-cylinder Chevy... Read More about Eric Brandt

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  1. While they are both nice cars I like the Accord better. My 1st car was a used 86 Accord when I was 17. The car lasted through my college years. Had 256k miles when I traded. Just changed the oil and 1 clutch. That’s it. Phenomenal cars. I owned 3 more over the years.

    Gonna get the 2019 Accord soon.
    • Forget all of it with all new tech and turbo engines. The days of 300k Accords are all gone. Also, 256k is nothing to write home about with MT

  2. It’s all about personal preferences. As for me I like more a new Toyota. All my life I have been driving Toyota cars. There was never a new one but all the pre-owned Toyotas I had were excellent. The most important thing is to check vehicle identification number through special services. For instance, FAXVIN reports all the ‘hidden’ information of the car (mileage, accidents history, defects, damages, odometer readings, recalls etc.). Having done it you know what you are paying for.

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