How to Buy a Car

Tips and resources for buying a car. What to know when you purchase your car.

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Buying a Car: What Term Should Your Loan Be?

Considering a new car? We examine a few factors to help determine which loan term is right for you.

Car Invoice Price and Dealer Markup: Tips for Buying a Vehicle

Have you ever wondered how much a dealership marks up a car over the invoice price? We have the answer.

The 10 Least Expensive New Cars You Can Buy Today

Looking for something new and fresh on a tight budget? Check out the Least Expensive New Cars You Can Buy Today

Plug-In Hybrid Buying Guide

Get to know all about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles so you can determine if buying one is right for you.

Used Truck Buying 101: Everything You Need to Know

Use our guide to help you with your research for a used pickup truck.

Classic Cars: Tips for Buying and Owning

Interested in buying a classic car? Here are a few things you need to know before you sign the papers.

Should You Do a Lease Buyback in 2022?

At the end of your lease, find out what you need to do and whether a buyback makes sense.

HondaTrue Certified Buying Guide: Honda CR-V, Pilot, and Accord

A certified Honda CR-V, Pilot, and Accord make excellent used cars. Here are our suggestions on what to look for.

Is Now the Time to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Buying a certified pre-owned car is challenging enough so we'll help you navigate today's market.

Buying a Certified Volvo XC60: 2018, 2019, or 2020?

Here we look at the similarities and differences among 2018, 2019, and 2020 Volvo XC60 certified pre-owned options you'll find near you.

Buying an Electric Car: Tips You Need

Use our buying guide for electric vehicles before you make your choice.

Buying an EV Might Not Save You Money

If you worry about higher gas prices, an EV may not be the answer, at least not now.

Buying a Car: Do You Need to Use Premium Gas?

You're interested in buying a car that requires premium gas, but do you really need to use premium? We'll explain.

Lease vs. Buy a Car: Which Is Right for You?

If you're having trouble deciding whether to lease or buy, we can help.

3G Shutdown: How it Impacts the Car You Buy Today

Find out how the 3G shutdown affects cars and what you need to do to stay safe in your vehicle.

Certified Pre-Owned BMW Buying Guide

Here's a look at the best-selling BMW models available under the company's Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program.

Worst Car Colors to Buy for Resale

When buying a car, it's a good idea to know what color cars to avoid for resale value

Buying a Car: How Do You Know a Car’s In-Service Date?

A car's in-service date gets used to calculate warranties and other perks -- but how do you figure it out? We have the answer.

The Chevrolet Spark Is a Surprisingly Good Car Nobody Buys

It may not have been a headline-grabber, but the Spark is one subcompact that we'll miss.

Can You Buy a Car with a Credit Card?

If you want to know about purchasing a car with a credit card, start here.

Buying a Used Hybrid Car: Advantages and Drawbacks

Before you buy a used hybrid vehicle, use our advice to determine if it's the right purchase move.

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car in 2022?

Get to know why buying a hybrid may make sense to purchase.

What is More Important When Buying a Used Car: Miles or Age?

Looking for a used car? If you've wondered whether you should pay more attention to miles or age, you've come to the right place.

Tips for Buying a Car During the Chip Shortage

The chip shortage makes buying a car even more challenging. Use our insider tips so you can get the best deal possible.

Buying a Car: Should You Focus on the Monthly Payment?

You've always heard you shouldn't focus on the monthly payment -- but why not? We have the answer.
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