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I’m Giving Away My $500 Lincoln Town Car: 6-Month Ownership Report

Six months have passed since I spotted this strange-looking Lincoln Town Car parked in reject row at a dealer auction, and I immediately fell in love. It didn’t matter that it barely ran, or that the interior looked like another victim of Mike Tyson’s pet tiger — I knew I had to have it. After spending $500 to purchase it and a few hundred more in repairs — and after having 6 months to enjoy it — I have decided to give it away to a lucky follower. But not for the reason you might think.

First, let’s go over my impressions from the last 6 months of owning my 1993 Town Car with 204,000 miles and the Jack Nicklaus golfer design package. After very little spent to get the engine humming and the interior presentable, the car has been totally reliable. The combination of a modern drivetrain and suspension tuning coupled with the rear air-ride suspension and ultra-plush seats makes this my favorite land yacht that I’ve owned so far. Modern luxury cars of today, with their stiff and over-supported seats and harsher ride, can’t touch the comfort level of this 25-year-old Town Car. I’ve never understood why La-Z-Boy Recliner-loving Americans have accepted the trend of rock-hard seats in today’s luxury car offerings.

During my ownership, I’ve only driven the Lincoln about 500 miles. Primarily, I used it as a go-between to my mechanic’s shop, located 30 miles away. I left my Lincoln at his shop, so if I needed to drive one of my other cars up for repairs, I could drive the land yacht back home. This worked out great, as I hate pestering friends for an hour-long car ride — nor did I want to spend $50 on a long-distance Uber. Currently, the car wizard has four of my broken cars — and four more are waiting for less urgent repairs. People often dig their own graves with their bad decisions. I’ve dug my own Grand Canyon.

This means my Lincoln won’t be used much in the foreseeable future — and to reward its total reliability, I’m getting rid of it. This might sound crazy, which is somewhat expected of me. Even my ‘enabler in chief’ Doug called me insane three times during his post celebrating one year of Oversteer — but I swear I’m not crazy! (EDITOR’S NOTE: The dude is crazy.) I know that’s what everybody yells while being hauled away to the funny farm in a straightjacket — but in this instance, I think I can logically justify my actions.

My main reason for parting with my Lincoln is that I hate to see a car sit and deteriorate. Part of the reason it’s so reliable is the regular use it’s seen over 25 years, and that trend needs to continue. I’ve always felt guilty about neglecting a car, and I’ve been quick to sell when I no longer have the desire to properly maintain or improve it.

In this instance, I’ve chosen to give the car away. It’s worth about $1,500 in its current condition, meaning that if I sold it, I would’ve owned this interesting Lincoln at no cost — but that would likely be a death sentence. At the lower price point and higher mileage, the only interested buyers will be looking for a daily beater that will last a short time before getting scrapped — which probably would have been the Lincoln’s fate if we didn’t cross paths. By picking three qualified applicants based on their video submissions, and allowing viewers to pick who should win, I feel like I’ve done everything I can to ensure the survival of this very special machine.

The final justification for my actions is my desire to give back to the people who helped create this mess. My purchasing habits have been this way for many years — well before gaining the audience of Oversteer and 117,000 YouTube subscribers — but having all these enablers has certainly kicked things up a notch or two … or twelve.

Maybe giving away this car will mark the start of someone else’s hooptie fleet, or allow them to use this car as a driver — while making their main car into something awesome. I cover this topic more in my video, along with all the details of the contest, if you’re interested in applying. I’m sure there are plenty of qualified custodians here on Oversteer ready to sip my brand of Kool-Aid. In conclusion, I really don’t think I’m crazy, but if I truly am, I guess crazy loves company. Find a 1993 Lincoln Town Car for sale

Tyler Hoover went broke after 10 years in the car business and now sells hamburgers to support his fleet of needy cars. He lives in Wichita, Kansas.

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  1. If it wasn’t a massive pain to get it over here to NH I’d be trying hard. I love my 95 Signature and so does a good friend/coworker of mine. He hates his 07 Versa so I think he’d love to have his own beautiful barge.

  2. This “offering” reminds me of the listings on Craigslist for a free tree, where you have to come and cut it down!

  3. Im more of a grand marquis kinda guy. Probably why i have two. And an astro van. And a suoercharged bonneville. And a gsr swapped civic. 

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