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Video | The Pagani Huayra Roadster Is a Crazy $3 Million Supercar

I recently had the chance to drive the Pagani Huayra Roadster, which is a truly amazing supercar. Then again, it had better be, as these tend to sell for something like $3 million — yes, that’s right, $3 million. And that’s only when they come up for sale, which is basically never, because Pagani only built 100 of them for the entire planet.

Yes, this is an incredible car, and I’m going to start with the basics. A little over a year ago, I reviewed the regular Pagani Huayra, and I found it to be an insane car full of ridiculously well-minded details, with Pagani paying attention to basically every little thing they possibly could. That’s still true, but the Roadster takes things up a notch, especially in terms of rarity: While there are maybe a couple hundred closed-roof Huayra models, the brand built just 100 of the Roadster versions, which adds to their rarity — and to the pricing insanity.

Under the hood — or, rather, the giant engine cover in back — the Huayra Roadster uses the same engine as the regular Huayra, which is a Mercedes-AMG 6-liter twin turbo V12. It’s tuned for 720 horsepower in the coupe, but the Roadster adds another 34 horses to the mix for 754 hp — either way, it’s tremendously fast. Unfortunately, as it comes to driving experience, the Roadster hasn’t solved the biggest issue with the coupe, which is the transmission: There’s still a 7-speed sequential manual that changes gears disappointingly slowly, interrupting otherwise blindingly insane acceleration.

But that isn’t to say the Huayra drives badly. On the contrary, the steering and handling are fantastic, and the car responds instantaneously to your inputs — while you’re driving it hard, you scarcely remember that you’re cruising around with the highest-quality materials possible, with the "PAGANI" logo on every rivet, with every single piece of interior brilliantly thought out in the factory. You’re just driving a very enjoyable supercar very fast.

And, indeed, the acceleration still feels absolutely marvelous — 0-to-60 mph is 3.0 seconds, and while I’m disappointed by the laggy gear shifts, it’s amazing to feel that powertrain pull the car as excessively fast as it does. It’s just a total and complete thrill in every sense of the term.

And, of course, so is the appearance: The Huayra is a tremendously striking car, with a look that’s unlike practically anything you’ll ever see — it’s on a totally different level of vehicle from a regular Ferrari or Lamborghini, and it certainly looks it. Few vehicles have such a commanding presence as a Pagani, clearly indicating that you aren’t just looking at something special, you’re looking at something SPECIAL.

But is it $3 million special? It’s hard to say, of course, especially as a person who buys cars to use them as cars — this is more than that, a collectible that’s likely to be driven sparingly and socked away in a collection of fine art and other important valuables. It certainly has everything you might expect from a car that will win Pebble Beach someday, including the rarity and the nothing-untouched attention to quality. And, apparently, there are just enough people out there who feel the same way that these really do command 7-figure price tags — assuming you can find one for sale. Find a convertible for sale

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