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Ford Offers Cash to Bronco Buyers Willing to Change Their Minds

Too many orders sound like good problems to have. It’s not when we’re discussing buyers waiting very long times to get specific models of an in-demand vehicle. I’m talking about the Ford Bronco. Many people want one and are still waiting for one, and for Ford, there’s no light at the end of this production tunnel at the moment.

So what does the automaker want to do? It wants to give you some cash to change your mind.

For folks sitting on a 2023-model-year Bronco order, Ford is offering an incentive to change their orders. The automaker says it will give out a $2,500 rebate to anyone who can alter their initial order to a vehicle with more readily available features.

This means a customer could earn the rebate if they decide to forgo stuff like a color hardtop or the Sasquatch and Lux packages — all items on which Ford is struggling to meet demand.

If reservation holders would rather scrap the idea of a Bronco entirely than give all that up, Ford will let them put their rebates toward purchases of different vehicles in its lineup.

But if reservation holders don’t want to give up on their ideal spec’d Bronco, Ford says they can try their luck finding one on a dealer lot or simply wait longer and get in line with new orders on a 2024 Bronco instead. But the Bronco will likely be more expensive by then, and the buyer will have waited years at that point.

So what are the real options here? It might not be a bad idea to flip that $2,500 rebate against the purchase price of something fun like a Ranger Tremor or a Bronco Sport. That Ranger Tremor is a great midsize truck with nice off-road-ready features. Meanwhile, the Bronco Sport certainly isn’t as capable as its bigger sibling but still actually quite fun off-road. The Heritage trims look pretty good. The Badlands is a blast. Even the less-powerful 3-cylinder versions can tackle plenty of terrains.

Any 2023 Bronco reservation holders who wanted their Bronco a certain way are going to have to compromise or keep waiting. And while that’s not a great solution, at least Ford is trying something to help alleviate the crunch of supply chain issues and vehicle demand.

If you’re in this boat and willing to jump to a different yet still fun vehicle, go with the Ranger Tremor. Then add the Ford Performance engine-tune upgrade, which nabs you an extra 45 horsepower and 60 lb-ft of torque while also retuning your gearbox. Take it a step further with a GoFastCampers setup in the back, and you have a fantastic adventure machine ready to rock.

And you’ll be on your way to the trail while others are sitting at home still upset they don’t have a Bronco in the driveway.

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Jeff Glucker
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