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Autotrader Find: 2006 MINI Cooper Pickup Truck

Have you ever owned a MINI Cooper but also wanted the hauling capabilities of a pickup truck? Have you ever owned a pickup truck but secretly desired the MINI Cooper’s sporty handling? Now you don’t have to choose, because a MINI Cooper pickup truck is for sale on AutotraderSee the 2006 Mini Cooper models for sale near you

Better yet, it’s CHEAP! Offered by Galaxy Auto Sales in Arlington, Texas, near Dallas, this MINI Cooper pickup is silver with a black interior, aftermarket wheels, 155,000 miles and an asking price of just $4,950. Forty-nine fifty! And it combines MINI Cooper handling with pickup-truck practicality.

Okay, so it doesn’t do exactly that. This is one of those Red Bull MINI Coopers that drive around and give out free Red Bull if you do something enthusiastic, such as dance a little Red Bull jig, loudly announce you love Red Bull or beg the driver for a free Red Bull, because you’ve been crawling through a desert for the last 47 days and need it to survive.

As a result, it isn’t quite a pickup truck in the traditional sense; it wasn’t designed to carry construction equipment, bales of hay, giant home-improvement items or heavy farm equipment, but rather, cans of an energy drink. It isn’t quite a MINI Cooper in the traditional sense either, because it loses the entire back seat, and there’s also a little plastic roof mount for a giant can of Red Bull.

Still, you have to admit that for $4,950, this thing is pretty cool. Find a 2006 Mini Cooper for sale

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