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Autotrader Find: McLaren Senna for $1.5 Million

The McLaren Senna is one of the most desirable cars on sale today, as it’s the latest and greatest ultra high-performance McLaren model — and if you were lucky enough to get one new, you probably paid around $1 million for the privilege. That’s assuming you could get one, as the Senna sold out quickly.

Now, this Senna has arrived on the used market. This is a 2019 Senna finished in black with a black interior, and it’s traveled just 231 miles from new — meaning that it was basically not used at all by the original owner. The Carfax report confirms this, noting that this Senna was first registered just four months ago in the Philadelphia suburbs with 84 miles — and now it’s back on the market.

Why is the original owner selling so fast? Money, most likely. Because the Senna was such a desirable, limited-production car, "used" examples like this one sell for much more than the original sticker price — making the car an unusually excellent investment, especially if you don’t drive it.

In terms of coloring, this Senna is a nicely ordered car, finished primarily in black — a good color, as it makes the car’s unusual lines a bit more subtle. The only odd piece is probably the brake calipers, finished in green, which seem out of place on this black-and-yellow car — but otherwise, it’s an excellent car with excellent equipment.

The only problem, of course, is the price tag: $1,499,999, which is huge money for any vehicle — as much as a really nice house pretty much everywhere. But then, this is a pretty nice car. Find a McLaren Senna for sale

Editor’s Note: This vehicle has sold since the article was originally written.

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