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Here Are 5 Cheap Retro Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Although the retro fad of the 2000s has largely died off, there’s still some interest in retro cars — proven by the Chevy Camaro, the Dodge Challenger and the Ford Mustang, which remain popular in their retro designs. Still, most retro cars are now only available as used models — and they’re cheaper than ever as they age. Here are five cheap retro cars currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

2008 Chevy HHR SS

2008 Chevy HHR SS – $8,500

Although the Chevy HHR was mostly a mediocre, forgettable hatchback Chevy made solely to have an entrant into the retro car world, the HHR SS was an exciting version of it — one that used an impressive turbocharged 4-cylinder that offered 260 horsepower. That was a big figure in 2008 for a hatchback, and it’s still a good number now — but these days, the HHR is cheap. This particular 2008 model is listed by a private seller in the Los Angeles area for $8,500, with just 64,000 miles. Find a Chevrolet HHR for sale

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT Cabriolet

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT Cabriolet – $4,000

The Chrysler PT Cruiser may be the least-loved retro car, but there are still some versions of it that have a little appeal — like the high-performance “GT” model, which used a turbocharged 4-cylinder that touted 215 hp. Impressively, the GT was also offered as a convertible, which is exactly what we have here — and this PT Cruiser GT Cabriolet is listed by a private seller in Fort Branch, Indiana, with 98,000 miles, for just $4,000, proven that the PT has indeed gotten very cheap. Find a Chrysler PT Cruiser for sale

2007 Ford Mustang GT

2007 Ford Mustang GT – $5,995

Although the Mustang retains its retro design to this day, the originator of that basic design was the Mustang that appeared back in 2005. Meant to look like popular Mustang models of the 1960s, the 2005 Mustang heralded the return of the Mustang as an excellent performance car — and these days, Mustang models from this era are shockingly cheap. This 2007 model is a V8-powered Mustang GT, with a manual transmission, 100,000 miles, and a list price of just $5,995. It’s offered by Chevy Ford Metroplex in San Antonio. Find a Ford Mustang for sale

1999 Plymouth Prowler

1999 Plymouth Prowler – $20,500

This 1999 Plymouth Prowler is the most expensive car on this list, but it’s still cheap for a Prowler. Offered by a private seller in the Dallas area, this Prowler is listed for just $20,500 — making it the cheapest Prowler for sale on Autotrader. That’s primarily due to the mileage, as this Prowler has traveled an impressive 66,000 miles from new — a big figure for a car that typically only sees very occasional weekend use. I especially like the color of this Prowler, as it’s finished in the traditional Prowler purple which, in my view, was the defining color for the car. Find a Plymouth Prowler for sale

2010 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

2010 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet – $3,900

The Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most popular cars of the retro area, and it lasted longer than most retro vehicles, having only just been canceled after about 20 years on sale. Used Beetle models are starting to get shockingly cheap, as this 2010 model proves: it’s a well-kept Beetle Cabriolet, and it’s offered with just 78,000 miles for only $3,900. If you’re interested, it’s offered by The Ronning Company in Longwood, Florida, north of Orlando. Find a Volkswagen Beetle for sale

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  1. that’s actually a really good price for a Mustang S197 era GT. I just sold my heavily modified 2008 GT500 and I really regret it.  I bought that car because I really missed my favorite car I’ve ever owned- my 2008 Bullitt.  Honestly the GT500 was better in every way- it just got modifed to the point where it wasn’t really all that much of a practical enjoyable car anymore.  Someday though- I’ll get another S197 probably a nice low mileage Boss 302.

  2. I have a strong feeling I’ll be buying a ’05-’08 Mustang GT soon as a 3rd car. They’re at that cheap but still fairly modern stage that it might be a good option. 

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