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Here Is a Chrysler PT Cruiser Golf Cart

You may not know this, but if you live in the sort of community where they allow you to drive golf carts on the road, most people don’t have just standard, regular golf carts like you’d find at a golf course. Instead, there’s this new trend where people are buying custom golf carts, and it seems that you can get just about anything you want.

The above images are a case in point. What you see here is a golf cart that’s been styled — quite well, frankly — to look like a Chrysler PT Cruiser. It has a Chrysler PT Cruiser front end, it has an unusually accurate Chrysler PT Cruiser profile and it has the PT Cruiser’s fenders and distinctive grille. This is a PT Cruiser for people who only need a golf cart.

This is surprising, because the Chrysler PT Cruiser draws more ire than just about any automobile in modern history — for its styling (which hasn’t aged well), for perceptions about its drivers and for its cheap build quality. It is, quite simply, an undesirable vehicle. Yet the owner of this golf cart walked into the golf cart place and said: "I’d like a custom-made PT Cruiser golf cart." Or, perhaps even worse, they walked onto the golf cart lot and said: "I’ll take that one."

With all this said, even despite my disdain for the PT Cruiser, I actually like this thing, for the very same reason I like many unusual cars: because it’s different. Anyone can have a regular ol’ boring golf cart, but it’s a lot more fun to buy something weird. And this is something weird. I respect it.

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