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I Saw a Ford Fusion Wagon, and Now I Want One

I was in Europe last week, and so all my recent posts have been about Europe-related things, like how I witnessed the most Italian car accident ever, and all the cars I saw in Monaco. In fact, I’m posting so many things from this trip that I believe it is now 100 percent tax deductible, sort of in the same way that all my meals are 100 percent tax deductible, in the sense that if I can’t eat, I can’t work.

Anyway: One of the most interesting cars I saw in Europe is pictured above. It’s the station wagon version of the Ford Fusion, and we don’t get it here, but maybe we should. I say this because A) it’s absolutely gorgeous, and B) I really like station wagons. I especially like gorgeous station wagons. Gorgeous, practical, family haulin’ station wagons.

Really, take a look at this thing. It’s called the Ford Mondeo in Europe, and it’s available in Europe because Europeans actually buy station wagons, whereas only a small portion of American car enthusiasts buy station wagons. This particular wagon had Swiss license plates, and so it’s the top Mondeo trim level, because the Swiss seem to have infinite money. And doesn’t this car look so good in its top trim level? Alloy wheels, no ugly plastic trim and the already handsome appearance of the normal Fusion, just … wagonized.

Interestingly, although I try to pay attention to trends in our great big auto industry, I didn’t even know this thing existed: I had no idea there was a wagon version of the Ford Fusion in any market. In fact, I didn’t even know Ford was selling the Fusion as the Mondeo in Europe: The latest Fusion/Mondeo is highly uncommon in Europe, as the Mondeo is no longer available in European-preferred hatchback form (just sedan or wagon) and also, because it’s clearly designed for America, and it’s a bit big for European roads.

In any event, I wish the Fusion wagon made it to the U.S.: I can only imagine how cool it would be to get a Fusion Sport, with 325 horsepower and all-wheel drive, in wagon form. And I would hope that someone else would buy it, so I could buy it used in several years. Find a Ford Fusion for sale

Doug DeMuro is an automotive journalist who has written for many online and magazine publications. He once owned a Nissan Cube and a Ferrari 360 Modena. At the same time.

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