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This Is the Last Eagle for Sale on Autotrader

This is the only Eagle currently for sale on Autotrader. It’s a 1994 Eagle Vision TSi, which was the top-end trim level of that ill-fated vehicle, and it’s the last remaining Eagle you can buy on Autotrader — for now, at least. It’s offered by Callahan Car Company in the Chicago area, and it’s about to roll over 100,000 miles.

For those of you who don’t remember the Eagle brand, allow me to remind you of its excellent history. It was launched in the late 1980s and died about 10 years later, and I think the idea was that it would be sort of be an upscale, European-ish version of Chrysler, carrying on the "Eagle" name from the popular AMC Eagle, after Chrysler purchased AMC in 1988. Originally, Eagle offered some models that were developed with Renault, including the Eagle Premier and the Eagle Medallion, neither of which still exist in any form (probably).

Eventually, though, Eagle became what everyone expected it to, which was just a rebadged version of Chrysler (and Mitsubishi). The Eagle Vision was a poorly engineered version of the Dodge Intrepid, despite Chrysler’s insistence that the model was "sportier" than its other offerings. Nobody seemed to buy this, and the Vision died in 1997, with the entire Eagle brand closing down after the 1998 model year, following the demise of the second-generation Talon.

But back to this car. If you want to single-handedly carry the torch for Eagle, even though nobody else seems to remember it, this Vision can be yours. It’s got leather seats, it looks reasonably nice for a 21-year-old full-size American sedan and it’s listed for just $3,477 — not a bad number to drive around in excessive uniqueness.

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