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Polestar Precept Concept Showcases the EV Brand’s Future

  • The Polestar Precept is a concept car showcasing sustainable materials and new infotainment technology.
  • The concept’s design finds Polestar establishing its brand identity.
  • The Precept will make its live debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

Though Polestar — Volvo‘s premium electric vehicle brand — is still getting its legs, it’s just unveiled a stunning new concept car to showcase what the brand has in store for the near future. It’s called the Polestar Precept, and it’s mainly a display of the future of automotive HMI (human-machine interface) technology and how sustainable materials will be used in car manufacturing. The use of sustainable materials advances the EV’s goal of being an environmentally friendly car, and the advanced HMI aims to make the connection of driver and machine more seamless than ever.

What’s With That Edgy Design?

Before we dive into the tech, let’s talk about the design. The design of this car is an advancement of the existing Polestar design we saw in the Polestar 1 coupe and the Polestar 2 5-door fastback, which kind of blurs the line between a sedan and a crossover. It’s a step further away from traditional Volvo design, and it’s a concept that attempts to create a new design language more distinct to the Polestar brand. Its overall shape is a bit reminiscent of other premium EV fastback sedans, like the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan. The Precept has an elegant glass roof and a lighting signature in front and in back that Polestar calls Thor’s Hammer and isn’t quite like anything else. It has a design philosophy that Polestar calls minimalistic athleticism.

What Is the Polestar Precept Made Of?

The Precept incorporates some interesting materials that we wouldn’t be surprised to see in production cars in the near future. The interior panels and seatbacks used flax-based composites, which Polestar claims are 50 percent lighter than conventional materials and represent up to an 80 percent reduction of plastic waste.

From there, the sustainable materials get a little more creative. The seating surfaces are 3D-knitted from recycled bottles, the headrests and the seat bolsters are made from recycled cork vinyl, and the white carpets are made from reclaimed fishing nets. You won’t find any traditional dead cowhide or dead trees in the Precept, marking a shift in luxury car interior materials.

What New Tech Does the Polestar Precept Have?

The Precept is home to Polestar’s next-generation HMI, which it developed with Google. It has a 15-in, vertically oriented infotainment system complemented by a 12.5-in display in front of the driver. It’s an Android-powered system that’s big on personalization, so you see all the information you want to see and none of the information you don’t. It uses advanced eye tracking so it can adjust what content you see on what screen based on where your eyes are looking. It also uses proximity sensors to make the center screen easier and safer to use while driving.

The cutting-edge concept car will make its live debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, March 5-15. The Polestar Precept is a concept with a few bold ideas, and we’re looking forward to seeing those ideas go into production. Find a Volvo for sale

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