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Used Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Models Are Insanely Expensive

Here’s something that may surprise you: Used versions of the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro really aren’t losing any value. If you know Toyota pickups and SUVs pretty well, this won’t surprise you at all — but if you haven’t kept pace with the market, you’ll probably be shocked. It’s understandable.

The basic situation is this: A few years ago, Ford came out with the off-roader Raptor, and it was hugely popular, and then Toyota followed suit with some off-roader trucks of its own. Not surprisingly, those have also been popular, but the 4Runner TRD Pro is especially desirable.

That’s especially reflected in used values. Even though the TRD Pro has been out for a few years now, dealerships are routinely asking over the window sticker price for brand-new models — and that means it’s not uncommon to see used models trading for the sticker price, even if they’re a year or two old. It’s an amazing thing, and it’s truly unprecedented in the world of midsize SUVs.

And, yet, it’s exactly what’s happening with the 4Runner TRD Pro. If you’re looking for one, you already know this, but finding a cheap one and finding a nice one are mutually exclusive. The good news, however, is that if you buy a new one — or a used one, frankly — you’re unlikely to lose much of any money to depreciation, as these really just aren’t losing value.

Indeed, the cheapest 4Runner TRD Pro on the market probably proves that: Of the 170 on sale, the very cheapest has somehow traveled 162,000 miles in the four years since it was sold new, and yet it’s still listed for $28,000 — not even half off its original window sticker price. There aren’t too many vehicles you can buy, drive 40,000 miles a year for four years, and then still get your sticker price — but this is one of the rare few. Find a Toyota 4Runner for sale

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