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Certified Pre-Owned vs. Off-Lease Cars: Where Is the Value?

Keeping up with the Joneses is a daunting proposition these days, but there is still hope, especially when it comes to Certified Pre-Owned and Off-Lease or “gently used” automobiles and SUVs. With the price of new cars approaching what some of our parents paid for their houses a generation ago, there are still options that will help you buy your aspirational, latest-and-greatest vehicle for not as much as you may think.

That brings to mind the automotive chestnut, that states, “you can’t drive your house, but you can always sleep in your car.”

First Step: Time for Some Homework

Let’s say you find your next dream car on the lot of your local Autoplex. It’s almost a no-brainer, but the smart set knows to ask the dealer for a look at the vehicle history report. If it’s not readily available, the car’s bona fides are always available through sites like, and, which provide detailed information on a vehicle’s priors, so you can have a sense of confidence before you buy.

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Certified Pre-Owned Cars

A Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle is one that appears to be gently used by the previous buyer, with two or three years of mileage on it (typically 24,000 to 36,000 miles) but almost new in every other way. All CPO vehicles undergo extensive, manufacturer-required, multi-point inspections and repairs, as needed, to restore all functions back to factory settings. This gives the buyer the utmost confidence that they are buying the best the brand has to offer when it comes to a pre-owned vehicle. The CPOs will have extended warranties that provide protection for additional years, and in many cases unlimited mileage, during the time the second buyer has the car.

Manufacturers That Offer CPO Cars

Lexus was the first brand to offer a CPO category of vehicles starting in 1993. It elevated their brand of used vehicles to stand out when viewed against the competition. Here, a customer could choose between a pre-owned BMW, for example, with limited warranty, or a Certified Lexus that had been reconditioned by factory-trained technicians and came complete with an extended warranty. According to Jim Dunn, vice president and general manager of JM Lexus in Margate, Florida, the original Lexus Certified warranty extended the original new car four-year/60,000-mile warranty to six-years/unlimited mileage.

While Lexus was first, many others have joined the cause, offering factory-certified vehicles. Their ranks include Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Porsche, Cadillac, Kia, Acura and Chevrolet. Most of these programs offer extended years and unlimited mileage, service loaners and 24-hour roadside assistance in an effort to sweeten the deal.

“Some cars may have a factory warranty left on it,” says JM’s Dunn, “but if it’s a car that failed to meet the L-Certified standards, we would send it directly to auction. Our CPO franchise is such a strong brand, that’s what we feel most comfortable in dealing with. Our dealership is most proud of the fact that when we recondition our cars, we do it to the letter of the brand.”

Off-Lease Cars

An Off-Lease vehicle is an alternative to the typical price premium that exists with a CPO vehicle. Let’s say a driver returns their Audi following a 3-year, 36,000-mile lease. They intend to lease again, but want to change it up by looking into something new from MINI. That Audi will remain on the MINI Pre-Owned lot, not as an Audi CPO vehicle, but as an off-lease car. Still, there are benefits to seeking out off-lease vehicles, including being able to drive a car with the latest in technologies and features at a fraction of the price of a new vehicle.

Just because it sits at an off-brand dealership, doesn’t mean it will be uncovered when it finds a new home. Most dealers with pre-owned lots will offer extended warranties that, in some cases, could be better than those originally offered when the vehicle was brand new. Others are specialists dealing exclusively in off-lease vehicles. Novak Motors in Farmingdale, NY is just one such dealer. In addition to their Long Island location, they also have stores in New Jersey and Texas that specialize in “lightly pre-owned,” off-lease vehicles.

“We have the cars looked over by licensed independent inspectors — per New York law — who determine the condition of the vehicle,” says Amy Doberman, director of Finance and Insurance (F&I) at Novak Motors. “We are not a CPO program in that sense, but after the inspector has gone over it, we again inspect over 100 points according to our checklist,” she said.

Vehicles can come in with around 20,000 miles on the odometer, but with potential savings of $15,000 to $25,000, which someone else has already depreciated for you. If you plan to keep a car for a long time, the CPO warranty might not be the route to take because it will typically include six years of warranty from the original date of sale, meaning a car turned in after a three-year lease will only have three more years of warranty life left on it. In most cases, both CPO and Off-Lease dealerships can offer extended warranties that prolong the life of the warranty for the new buyer. Unless you’re buying from a large dealership group like CarMax or Autonation, that extended warranty might only be good at the dealership where you bought the car.

SUVs are the big thing at Novak’s New York location. Doberman claims to have no cars in the showroom at present. In a market where the SUV is King, the few cars that are in demand are all-wheel drive. There’s no price dickering, either. “We do our due-diligence, and as a result the window sticker is our lowest price,” she said. This is a trend among some larger dealerships: One price or “no haggle” pricing means you just buy the car for the price they’re asking (kind of like a TV or a sofa) — there’s no negotiating. Hopefully, the dealer has set a reasonable price. It’s easy to figure that out — nearly everyone has a smartphone or internet access, and using a pricing site like or others will quickly tell you if the price is fair or not.

Market analysis is another factor in properly pricing a vehicle. Many retailers — CPO and otherwise — will look within a 150-mile radius for mileage, condition, etc. of a comparable car, with the desire to be the lowest of all of those. Typically, if a warranty problem crops up, the customer can go to any licensed mechanic or dealership and will then be paid instantly via credit card from warranty administrators, so the consumer does not have to lay out any of their own money.

“Our theory here,” said Doberman, “is that it may be pre-owned, but it’s new to you as the consumer, and it’s always going to be presented that way.”

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated for accuracy since it was originally published.

Mark Elias
Mark Elias is a writer and photographer specializing in automotive topics ranging from new and used cars to classics and motorsports. His first car was a Matchbox Jaguar D-Type. From there, things have only become larger. During his professional career, he has been a staff photographer for the Associated Press, a contract photographer for Bloomberg News, and a contributor to automotive outlets... Read More about Mark Elias

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  1. CPO marketing killed the Independent dealer and Autotraders policy to separate certified from non-certified in the search page

    was no help. Reality is that most lease returns have the original manufactures warranty remaining, a qualified mechanic can inspect car pre-purchase, any issues repaired under warranty wear and tear items taken care of as needed. Just because a dealer advertises a car CPO doesn’t mean the technician did the job correctly or even if the car needed anything. Franchise dealers can only advertise a car as CPO, independents are not allowed even if the car is the same condition or better. 
    Best, a retired indepent dealer after 47 years. 
  2. Or you can buy a car that came out of rental fleet, like Enterprise or Avis.  At least you know that somebody checked the oil every week and changed it at regular intervals.  Some off-lease cars come with no info on the prior owners maintenance records if the work was not done at a dealer that tracked the maintenance.

    • Rental vehicles are not always maintained properly and are almost always driven the hardest/worst …..the worst category to purchase used from….no contest.

    • I used to be a Hertz rental car mechanic at a large metro airport. we had 2-3 thousand rental cars in immediate fleet, there were 4 mechanics. It was not unusual to see cars with 15-25k miles in for first oil change, OH Yeah……and the renters, trashed cars beyond belief. I’d skip a former rental car regardless of savings.

  3. Hi Mark! I found your article while looking for quality content on CPO vs off-lease. Very useful for buyers like me. We need as many options as we can find to get the best used car. I’d be happy to share this page with friends.
    I went to but it is no longer available. The link goes to an error page that says “This site can’t be reached.” 
    I came across this site instead, It could be with a good replacement for the broken link. Have you heard of it? The site offers free vehicle history reports for any brand or make from anywhere in the US. 
    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for this insightful article.
  4. A car can be certified by the dealer for less than $1500 in most cases offering the extension of the warranty period. Or you buy some aftermarket market dealer sponsored warranty that may or may not be accepted where you get repairs and often costs far more than certified. For those who buy 2-3 year old lower mileage cars, certified is the way to go. 

    • I agree, CPO is the only way I go. Bought a very well-equipped Volvo S60 w/ 7k mi for $29.5k 2.5 years ago. (List of $43k) It has a Volvo warranty bumper – bumper for 100k mi w/ no deductible. Can’t do much better.

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