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Please Watch this Video About Using the Passing Lane

I spend a lot of time on the highway, driving all over the country, and one of the primary things I’ve noticed that brings all Americans together is a complete inability to understand how to use the left lane. It’s infuriating!

Fortunately, this video, created by Vox, helps to illustrate exactly why the left lane should be reserved for passing. Even though this video was released a few months ago and already made some rounds on the Internet, I decided to post it here — because even if we only deliver it a few thousand extra views, it’s a lot easier than yelling about lane discipline to people I encounter on the New Jersey Turnpike.

So watch the video. Share it with your friends. Oh, and one more thing about the whole left-lane situation that irks me: It’s not the "fast lane." It’s the "passing lane." I don’t care how fast you’re going; unless you’re actively passing someone, you shouldn’t be in the lane. You could be driving a Bugatti Veyron 247 miles per hour, and you should still keep right except to pass — like it says on every single sign everywhere in the country — just in case a Veyron Grand Sport comes up behind you doing 262 miles per hour, or whatever speed those cars do.

OK, I can feel myself getting irked. I’ll stop before I start using bad language. Find a car for sale

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