Step 4:

Sell My Car: Close the Deal

Once you have a qualified buyer lined up, it’s important to know how to reach agreement on price and see the deal through. In this section we’ll explain how to negotiate price, what legal paperwork is essential, how to transfer ownership to the buyer, and how to protect yourself from fraud.

Transferring Ownership

How to transfer ownership of a used car can vary by state. Follow the rules to complete your used car sale smoothly.

Fraud: Protect Yourself

Avoid fraud when selling a car online by taking a few simple precautions. Get informed and learn how to spot a scam online.

How to Negotiate a Used Car Sale

Learn how to get the best price for a used car by being an expert on the vehicle, the market and negotiation strategies.

Paperwork to Close the Deal

Use our checklist to make sure you have all the documents together that you'll need to close the deal.

Selling Tools

Fraud Awareness Tips

Awareness is the best defense. Learn how to spot a scam.

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