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10 Best Used Luxury Sports Cars Under $30,000

A used luxury sports car is an excellent way to get a premium car without paying a premium price. Luxury cars tend to depreciate faster than vehicles from more mainstream brands, which is bad news for new car shoppers and great news for used car shoppers looking for something both exciting and luxurious.

Here are 10 of the best used luxury sports cars you can find on Autotrader for under $30,000.

1. 2017 BMW 3 Series

2017 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is always a strong choice in compact luxury cars. It’s been a benchmark in its competitive segment for decades and the 2017 model captures the nameplate’s legacy of performance, style, and luxury in one near-perfect package. Handling is agile the interior is roomy, and Apple CarPlay became an available option starting in 2017. No matter which configuration and trim of the 3 Series you go with, you’re getting an excellent luxury car. Find a BMW 3 Series for sale

2. 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Another storied name in compact luxury cars is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This car does a great job bringing the Mercedes-Benz brand identity to an attainable small car. The 2016 model has a strong range of engines (including a plug-in hybrid), good fuel economy from the base engine, and a level of interior luxury that you might expect to find in a much more expensive car. Its deep depreciation over the years makes it a great buy on the used market. Find a Mercedes-Benz C-Class for sale

3. 2017 BMW 2 Series

2017 BMW 2 Series

Many enthusiasts would tell you that the BMW 2 Series is a return to form for BMW. Available as a coupe or convertible, this two-door offers drivers a driving experience that is enjoyable at any speed. Handling is fantastic and you get a choice of three engines, all of which are excellent. For 2017, engine power for the 2 Series was increased and it got some nice new options including wireless charging and a wi-fi hotspot. Find a BMW 2 Series for sale

4. 2017 Infiniti Q60

2017 Infiniti Q60

The Infiniti Q60 is an often-overlooked option in luxury sports cars. It has head-turning styling that doesn’t look quite like anything else on the road making it good for drivers who want to stand out. You get a choice of a reasonably efficient four-cylinder engine or a more muscular 400-horsepower V6 which we recommend if your budget allows it. Adding a measure of practicality, this Infiniti has a surprisingly large trunk for a small coupe. Find an Infiniti Q60 for sale

5. 2016 Audi S4

2016 Audi S4

The Audi S4 is a sport sedan that does just about everything well. The ride is comfortable in everyday driving, yet agile in corners, the interior is top-notch, and the performance is nothing short of thrilling. Power comes from a supercharged V6 that makes 333 horsepower linked to your choice of a 6-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. If you have some extra room in your budget, upgrading to the S4 Premium Plus gets you AWD, adaptive suspension, and Audi Drive Select drive modes. Find an Audi S4 for sale

6. 2016 Cadillac CTS

2016 Cadillac CTS

It’s rare for American luxury sports cars to be up there with their more prestigious German competitors, but the final generation of the Cadillac CTS is really that good. It’s perfect for shoppers looking for a used midsize luxury car on a compact luxury car budget. The sweet spot at this price point is the V-Sport model with its twin-turbo V6 engine making a whopping 420 horsepower while providing a luxurious interior and sharp handling in one well-rounded premium sedan. Find a Cadillac CTS for sale

7. 2017 Audi S3

2017 Audi S3

The small and sporty Audi S3 sedan got a nice facelift for 2017. On top of updated styling, it got added safety tech and a revised infotainment system making the car more modern. A sporty upgrade over the A3, the S3 is powered by a 292-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering power to all four wheels via Quattro AWD. It also has a sport-tuned suspension, sport front seats, and a flat-bottom steering wheel to match its exciting performance. Find an Audi S3 for sale

8. 2013 Porsche Boxster

2013 Porsche Boxster

It’s hard to beat Porsche when it comes to combining luxury and performance in one irresistible package. A used Porsche Boxster is a great way to get behind the wheel of a world-class sports car without breaking the bank. 2013 was the first model year for the 981 generation of the car which was the last Boxster to come standard with a naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine. Its performance is simply stunning and it’s still stylish and comfortable by today’s standards of luxury sports cars. Find a Porsche Boxster for sale

9. 2017 BMW 4 Series

2017 BMW 4 Series

In case you’re confused by all of the BMW numbers, what used to be the BMW 3 Series coupe/convertible has become the BMW 4 Series. The 4 Series has all of the same virtues as the outstanding 3 Series, but with a sporty two-door body. You probably won’t find an M4 in this price range, but short of that you get your choice of an inline-four or inline-six engine, both of which are turbocharged and thrilling to drive. On top of its fun performance, the 4 Series has a lot of cargo space for a coupe this size. Find a BMW 4 Series for sale

10. 2018 Jaguar XE

2018 Jaguar XE

In Jaguar’s long history, we don’t think the British marque has ever made an ugly car. It’s safe to say that styling is a strong suit for Jaguar and that’s exemplified well in the gorgeous Jaguar XE. The XE got a big update for 2018 including a horsepower boost for both the base engine and the available V6, a more powerful four-cylinder option, and more available safety features. The engine lineup is strong and it has agile handling befitting of a Jaguar.  Find a Jaguar XE for sale

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