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Autotrader Find: New 2019 Cadillac XTS 6-Door Limo

If you’re interested in getting a vehicle with 3-row seating, you’ve probably checked out the usual minivans and SUVs. But what about a limo? This 2019 Cadillac XTS is brand new, and it doesn’t just boast three rows of seats — it also touts three sets of doors, which makes it especially easy to get in and out.

This XTS is offered by Colonial Cadillac in Massachusetts, and unfortunately a list price isn’t given — though I’m very curious to know exactly what it costs. Although I believe General Motors sells some XTS models like this one, this appears to be an aftermarket conversion — though the listing doesn’t go into great detail about this specific car.

What I do know is that it seats eight people: two up front, and three in each additional rear seat row. The six doors seem to help entry and exit dramatically, and the roof of this XTS looks to be raised, which likely is designed to improve headroom. On the outside, this XTS also has a vinyl top, recalling Cadillac limo models from the old days.

Although 6-door limos are somewhat common on Autotrader, this one is particularly interesting because it’s brand new — and because I’ve never seen an XTS that’s been 6-door limo-ified. But this is exactly that, and it can be yours, if you’re looking for an alternate form of family transportation. Find a Cadillac XTS for sale

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