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Here’s a First Look at the Kia EV9

The Kia EV9 could be poised to do amazing things for the automaker. It’s essentially a futuristic-looking all-electric Telluride, a very important model in the Kia lineup. After all, the Telluride has helped catapult brand sentiment to new heights and a larger audience. Now, the EV9 could build on that and help Kia reach new horizons.

How so? Let’s dive in and figure that out.

The midsize 3-row SUV segment is quite a popular space in which to play. You have heavy hitters like the Toyota Highlander and the Ford Explorer. You also have luxurious electric offerings already in this segment, but those are quite expensive. With the EV9, Kia plans to deliver something that hits upon buyers’ needs for space and desires for a cool-looking machine. It’s also appealing to those moving to their second or third battery electric vehicle (BEV) while capturing the attention of others possibly considering their first.

What Does the Kia EV9 Look Like?

On the outside, the EV9 occupies a similar space as the Telluride. And it occupies a vision that seems to embody what I would’ve guessed to be a Telluride five to 10 years in the future. But it’s now, and it’s here, and it’s pretty darn cool. And thankfully, it’s not goofy looking either, which can be something a modern EV design can turn into.

The only questionable bit is the 4-spoke design of the wheels, but that’s an easy enough fix.

Inside, the cabin offers plenty of room thanks to the flat roof and floor lines. It looks open and airy while still packing a lot of seats. Up front, you have a pair of 12.3-inch screens that almost blend together, with one for the instruments and the other for multimedia. The party trick in here, though, has to be the swiveling second row of seats.

These captain’s chairs can turn to face outward for easy ingress and egress. Or you can rotate them to face the rear seats for a VIP-like experience. It’s a fun bit of interior engineering, but seeing how used it is in actual experience will be interesting.

How Much Will the Kia EV9 Cost?

Kia is calling the EV9 its new flagship model, so it won’t be inexpensive. I don’t think it will be on the level of a Rivian R1S or the Tesla Model X, of course. Instead, I’d expect a price spread starting at the bottom of the $50,000 range and moving north of $70,000 for more powerful top-flight models.

What Are the Performance Specs of the Kia EV9?

Speaking of power, the EV9 will run a version or versions of the power system currently found in the EV6. At least, that’s the assumption since Kia is still quiet on this aspect as well. But it’s a safe bet, and that means you can likely expect base models to have a single motor at the back and around 225 horsepower. There will likely be dual-motor models with all-wheel drive (AWD) and power north of 320 hp.

I just hope there’s also a sport variant with the wild 576-hp setup found in the EV6 GT — I can’t stress how awesome it is. I’d pick one for myself as a daily driver if I were in the market.

As for the EV9, we will have to wait to hear more about battery pack sizes, range, and actual pricing. How soon will those specs come out? A good bet here is to keep your eyes peeled for news during the upcoming New York International Auto Show, April 7-16. For now, take another look at this thing, because it’s pretty awesome.

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