Step 3:

Find a Buyer for Your Used Car

When the phone starts ringing and emails start arriving, you need to be prepared to deal with questions about your car and requests for test drives. We’ll walk you through what to expect, what you can do to make the process as simple as possible, and how to protect yourself.

Test Drives and Inspections

Most used car sellers need to brave the test drive. Learn how to make the experience comfortable, safe and successful.

Common Selling Pitfalls to Avoid

There's no perfect way to sell a used car, but there are things every seller should avoid. Here are ten selling pitfalls.

What to Do When Buyers Call

What questions do buyers typically ask in response to a car ad and how should you respond? Topics include forms of payment and test drives.

How the Economy Impacts Selling

When the economy is bad, the car market can slow down. Find out what a down economy means for your used car sale or purchase.

Selling Tools

Fraud Awareness Tips

Awareness is the best defense. Learn how to spot a scam.

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