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Every Dodge and Chrysler Is Ancient

It has recently come to my attention that everything Dodge and Chrysler sells is insanely, incredibly, wildly ancient. So ancient that you have to wonder what exactly has been going on there the last few years — though I think it’s clear the answer is "focusing on Jeep." So what does that mean for the Dodge and Chrysler brands?

First, let’s discuss just how old Dodge’s product lineup is. Dodge is currently selling five vehicles, and they’re all very old: there’s the Charger, which came out in its current form for 2011, the Challenger, which was 2008, the Durango, which was 2011, the Journey, which was 2009, and the Grand Caravan, on the market purely for fleet sales, which was 2008. The newest Dodge model came out for 2011.

Chrysler might be even worse. Although the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is fairly new, as it just came out for 2017, it’s one of just two vehicles Chrysler sells — and the other is the 300, which came out for 2011. And that’s it. That’s the entire Chrysler lineup. Meaning between Dodge and Chrysler, you have seven vehicles — one that came out for 2017, and the rest of which are at least eight years old.

Now, to be clear, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hasn’t been resting on its laurels. The Jeep brand has a load of new vehicles, including the new Wrangler, the new Gladiator, and the relatively new Compass and Renegade. The Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee are aging, but the point is still clear: the investment has been in SUVs. Trucks, too, as the Ram 1500 and the Ram HD are both among the very newest vehicles in their segments.

In fact, one could argue that, rather than taking a "glass is half empty" approach to the FCA lineup and suggesting that Dodge and Chrysler need help, a "glass is half full" look could suggest that FCA has been putting the money exactly where it’s needed — into SUVs and trucks, at a time when consumers especially want SUVs and trucks. And I suppose that’s true — but it’s also true that the Dodge and Chrysler brands have been left to languish, and one wonders what the future holds for them — if anything at all. Find a Dodge for sale or Find a Chrysler for sale

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