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The New Lexus LS Is Already Depreciating Fast

A used Lexus LS is one of the great bargains in the entire car industry — and now the new model is getting there, too. The new Lexus LS debuted for the 2018 model year, and it’s the fifth generation version of the sedan that started production way back in 1990 — nearly 30 years ago. The LS has always suffered from immense depreciation, and now the new model is heading there, too.

I’ll start by covering “immense depreciation.” All luxury sedans drop in value tremendously quickly, likely because they’re so expensive from new, but also because they’re full of high-tech gadgets that quickly become an expensive liability on the used market. This is especially true of European luxury sedans, which seem terribly unreliable — but the Lexus LS follows the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series right into the depreciation hole, with used models dropping in value fast.

In fact, a used Lexus LS is likely one of the great bargains in the entire car industry: it’s reliable, unlike those BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals, but it depreciates at a similar rate. It’s also loaded with all the tech and the features and the comfortable ride you’d get in a European rival. In other words: it’s as luxurious as a European luxury car, it drops in value like a European luxury car, but it’s reliable like a Japanese car. What more could you want?

The answer is: a new look, as the LS had the same basic design from 2008 to 2017. But now there’s a new model on sale and it, too, is starting to lose value. I’ve noticed that the first few certified pre-owned versions of the latest LS are starting to creep into the high-$60,000 range, which is amazing considering that window stickers on these are typically around $80,000 to $85,000 to start — and considering this car has only been on sale for about a year. Give it two or three more years and you’ll be able to pick up the newest LS, with the latest design and a truly amazing litany of tech, for a number that starts with “3.”

I’m shocked by this depreciation, as Lexus models tend to hold their value pretty well — especially SUVs, and especially compared to the Germans. But in the luxury sedan space, Lexus models drop fast — and the new LS is rapidly becoming a used bargain with amazing technology, comfort, and equipment. Find a Lexus LS for sale

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  1. The newest LS also has the most infuriating infotainment system currently available today.  I’m not shocked new owners are dumping them fast.  The old ones will be a value but the newest will be a liability.

  2. I love Lexus along with other Asian luxury brands like Genesis because they’re luxury cars for people who don’t car about pointless things like brand image and just want a nice car, while being more reliable and cheaper at the same time. I’ll definitely be looking toward a CPO fully loaded LS when they hit $40k

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