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A Used Volvo XC90 Is Quickly Becoming a Bargain

If you’re looking for a luxury family SUV, you might be surprised to find out just how cheap a used Volvo XC90 can be. I don’t mean the old XC90 — which is cheap in its own right — but the latest-generation XC90, which debuted for the 2016 model year and made shockwaves with its handsome styling and excellent technology.

Just how cheap has the XC90 become? A few 2016 models are listed for sale on Autotrader for less than $20,000, though they have high mileage and limited options and features. It’s easy, too, to find 2016 models for sale on Autotrader for less than $25,000 — there are currently a dozen 2016 XC90s currently listed on Autotrader below that price point. Bump your budget to $30,000, and you’ll see even more used XC90s — point is, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a nice, modern XC90 for about half of what you’d have paid just three years ago.

In my mind, that’s a bargain. For one thing, XC90s from this era still look brand-new, as Volvo has done basically nothing to the car’s design since it first debuted. And the technology is still excellent, as the XC90 rolled out Volvo’s latest infotainment system, which is still used in every new Volvo model today and is still fantastic.

In other words, if you’re willing to spend between $25,000 and $30,000, you should have your pick of modern XC90 models, including some with Volvo’s excellent certified pre-owned warranty. And you’ll get a deep discount on a fairly new model that still feels fresh, new and high-tech — even though it’s a few years old. Find a Volvo XC90 for sale

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