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Cool Accessories for the 2020 Nissan Titan

  • When the updated 2020 Nissan Titan goes on sale in early 2020, there will be a fresh set of genuine Nissan accessories to go with it.
  • Nissan accessories can be financed and are backed by the factory warranty if they’re installed by your dealership at the time of purchase.
  • New items for the 2020 Titan include a tailgate assist handle and an updated sports bar with off-road lights and covers.

If you own a full-size truck, you’re probably going to buy accessories for it at some point. They’re a must if you’re planning to tap into your pickup’s towing or hauling potential. Or maybe you just want to personalize it with a few choice appearance upgrades. Whatever your situation, Nissan makes it convenient to customize the Titan right at the dealership.

Nissan announced a fresh set of accessories for the 2020 Nissan Titan at the recent Specialty Equipment Market Association show (SEMA) in Las Vegas, and they’ll be available when the updated Titan goes on sale in early 2020. If you get them installed at your dealer when you purchase the truck, you can roll them into your financing, and they’ll be covered by the standard 5-year/100,000-mile factory warranty.

What Are My Choices?

Of course, Nissan offers basics like Class III towing hardware, tie-down cleats for the Titan’s cargo bed and all-weather floor mats. You can also enhance your truck’s functionality by adding a sliding bed extender, which can be especially useful on crew cabs due to their shorter bed length, or, new for 2020, a tailgate assist handle that slides along a track at the top edge of the cargo bed and gives you a hand grip to climb up into the bed. If you’re working in the bed a lot, you can also get a fold-out step assist that attaches to the rear bumper. In addition, Nissan offers a sturdy set of running boards if passengers need an additional boost to get in and out of the cab.

On the cosmetic side, there’s a new sports bar with off-road lights and covers that attaches to the Titan’s bed just aft of the cab. The lights are functional, but they also give the truck a rugged look that you’ll enjoy, even when you’re just driving to work. If you’re planning to buy a 2020 Nissan Titan in Pro-4X trim, you might want to consider a set of coordinating Pro-4X mud flaps.

If you often park on dark streets, there’s a set of accessory approach lights for the side mirrors that shines the new Titan logo down on the pavement — it’s a nice touch. You can also get marker lights for the truck’s grille and fenders.

Why Buy Accessories at the Dealer?

There are plenty of companies ready to sell you accessories for your full-size truck on the aftermarket. These are certainly worth considering if you’re planning to max out your truck’s towing capacity or go on off-road adventures far off the beaten path. For the majority of 2020 Titan buyers, though, purchasing genuine Nissan accessories from a dealership is going to be more convenient. You can have them installed right when you purchase the truck, and there’s peace of mind in knowing that they’re covered by your warranty. Find a Nissan Titan for sale

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