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New Car Technology: Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology – Video

Subaru is one of the safest vehicles on the road right now, but the automaker has really raised the bar with its latest tech, like Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist technology.

It’s essentially a system that provides another set of eyes on the road and — should you need it — hands on the wheel and a foot on the brake.

The system relies on dual cameras mounted on either side of the rear-view mirror. They scan the road for potential danger, then the system alerts and assists you in a variety of ways.

If you spend a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic or on the highway, you’ll really appreciate Adaptive Cruise Control. You set the distance you want to keep between you and the car ahead of you. The system then monitors the movement of other cars and automatically adjusts to keep a safe distance.

If you veer from your path, Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning will alert you with a flashing light on the dash as well as a beep. Also, the system will gently correct your steering and bring you back into your lane.

Eyesight’s Pre-Collision Warning and Throttle Management is equally impressive. For braking, the system scans and analyzes the distance ahead to determine if your closing speed is too dangerous. If it is, it’ll flash and sound an alert. Then, Eyesight will apply the brakes automatically if you don’t. The system will also ease up on the gas automatically if you don’t see the car ahead. In that case, Eyesight helps limit the force of impact and minimizes damage, if the accident is unavoidable.

Another great feature: Say you’re sitting at a stoplight and the car ahead of you pulls away, but you don’t notice. The Eyesight system will actually beep to let you know.

But one thing we don’t like? Eyesight can’t turn itself off in heavy rain and snow, and it occassionally gives false warnings.

Overall, we found the Subaru Eyesight system smooth and easy to use. We think most shoppers may gladly pay extra for this kind of peace of mind.

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