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Video | The 2020 Porsche 911 Type 992 Is the Newest Version of an Icon

I recently had the chance to drive the new 2020 Porsche 911 — the first 911 of the 992 generation, the eighth and latest iteration of the classic sports car. The new 911 follows the pattern of previous Porsche updates — it’s a lot like the previous generation, but a little bigger, a little more luxurious, a little more powerful and a little more expensive. It’s also way up on technology.

I haven’t especially enjoyed the recent trend of new Porsche 911 models increasing in size, as I think that the 911 has gotten large and luxurious to the point where it’s now a touring car and not a sports car — and that misses the purpose of the 911. So I was eager to see if I felt that way about the 992.

The short answer: I do and I don’t. Yes, the 992 is a lot bigger than 911 models of yore — but driving the 992 is an amazing experience, as Porsche was able to mitigate its size and make the 992 feel like a fun, exciting and impressive sports car. It’s incredible how well the 992 goes through curves, and it’s really a blast to drive — to the point where you really do forget about its size.

That’s especially true when you consider the 992’s performance. The Carrera S I drove went 0-to-60 mph in 3.3 seconds — that’s quicker to 60 mph than a Carrera GT, and well into the heart of supercar territory. That helps me rationalize the price point, which is now also trending into supercar territory: The Carrera S I drove was a medium-optioned model with a sticker price of around $150,000, which really is a shock. That figure, it seems, has ballooned more than the car’s size.

But the 911 just keeps getting better and more refined. The technology in the 992 is amazing. It has an excellent, responsive touchscreen and a fantastic gauge cluster screen setup that ushers the car into the modern era. The transmission is incredibly quick — shifts are barely perceptible and impressive by any metric. And, yes, it can be considered a luxury car, with a nice interior and lots of upscale features and touches.

With the new 911, Porsche has advanced the game once again. Some people will hang on to their older models, preferring the smaller size and the simpler design. But this car is faster and more fun, it handles better, and its technology stacks up with the very best. I’d be thrilled to own a new 911, though the $150,000 sticker price of a nicely equipped S model — or even the $100,000 base price of a standard Carrera — is certainly a sum that will make any car enthusiast consider whether it’d be better to go for an Aston Martin or to dip a toe into the supercar world, with models like the Ferrari Portofino not far away. Find a 2020 Porsche 911 for sale

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  1. It’s beautiful, but man, that’s some bucks.  I would find it hard to justify “just a 911” for $150K.  For that kind of cash, I’d want an exotic/more exotic car.  Also, did I miss the R8 Decennium(sp?) review??

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