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Video | My Lamborghini Gallardo Could Explode at Any Moment (Apparently)

I might be the first person to ever say that I bought a Lamborghini because it’s slow — but it’s absolutely true with my 2004 Gallardo when compared to modern exotics. I also wanted something more reliable than the older exotics I’ve owned previously, so the Gallardo seemed like the perfect kit. Unfortunately, I got my first speeding ticket in almost 10 years after just 48 hours of ownership, and I’m told by a Lamborghini expert that my new car could explode at any moment.

The primary reason I went backwards nearly a decade from my 2012 McLaren MP4-12C into a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is to own a car that I could enjoy at speeds that wouldn’t have me losing my license. The McLaren was so ridiculously fast, and accomplishes this speed so easily thanks to its dazzling technology — but at normal speeds, it was almost boring to operate. The Gallardo, with its antique gated manual shifter, and exotic Italian exhaust note, gives a much more exciting and involved driving experience at any speed. Unfortunately, while it is much slower than my old McLaren, it’s still fairly quick– and, more importantly, attracts way more attention.

At the end of filming my first video, I found myself on a deserted stretch of Kansas roads, surrounded by farmland, with no objects around to give a feeling of speed. I honestly had no idea how fast I was going, but it was fast enough above the posted 55 mph speed limit to attract the attention of the County Sheriff. I couldn’t see the deputy traveling toward me in the opposite direction, since he was traveling behind a minivan, until it was too late to check my speed. When I saw him violently pull off into the ditch and turn around, I figured he was coming after me — so I pulled over before he even turned his lights on.

Apparently, he clocked me at a speed that was well over the limit, but still below normal highway speeds — and certainly nothing dangerous given the deserted stretch of road I was traveling on. While the deputy was professional, he didn’t have much of a sense of humor, especially when I explained how I had changed pants to make a YouTube video and forgot my wallet. After he located my information through his computer, he returned with a hefty ticket — my first in many, many years.

Since I’m not a big speeder, I actually felt guilty about it for a few days — even though I wasn’t doing anything dangerous. It also introduced me to the reality of owning a very flashy car like this — that everybody is watching you. It only took a few days of sulking, and driving around in my 116-horsepower Mazda Miata, before I was back in the car again, and excited to show it off to my friends.

My mechanic, the Car Wizard, was thrilled with my purchase, even though he couldn’t find anything wrong with the car. While it’s unusual for me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the car only has 4,000 original miles and was recently serviced by the Ferrari dealer that sold it to me. There was still some bad news, but this time, it wasn’t coming from the Car Wizard — since my friend Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez came to visit just in time to rain on my parade. Freddy rebuilt his own Gallardo, and is currently neck-deep in a trashed Murcielago — so he knows these cars really well. He also knows my car could catch fire at any moment, thanks to a plastic fuel fitting that degrades over time until it shoots fuel on the exhaust manifold. Given my history of exploding exotics, this freaked me out, and now I really don’t want to drive the car until it’s fixed.

Overall, Freddy was impressed with the car, and how unmolested it was. He recommended I disconnect the all-wheel-drive system, and add an exhaust — which is what everybody does with these — but I’m not so sure. Even though these mods would be easily reversible, it’s so rare to find an old Gallardo that hasn’t been messed with. For now, I really enjoy having this time capsule — and unlike so many cars I’ve owned in the past, I don’t want to ruin it. Find a Lamborghini Gallardo for sale

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  1. Considering your history, take a few days extra and drive the Fiero or any other of your Hooptie Fleet and get that plastic fuel fitting fixed.  Imagine the more relaxed feeling you’ll have when it’s been changed out and how much better you’ll sleep at night.  It’s just the right thing to do.

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