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Autotrader Find: 2015 Scion xB Wheelchair Van

Generally speaking, most mobility vehicles tend to be minivans. There are a few reasons for this, like interior space, but one of the largest reasons is the sliding door. Minivans have a sliding door that easily moves away, allowing a wheelchair ramp to fold down easily. SUVs, vans and other vehicles don’t quite have that level of access.

But here’s a wheelchair vehicle that isn’t a minivan — and it solves the door problem in a rather interesting way. This is a 2015 Scion xB, and it’s been converted into a mobility vehicle with a ramp that comes down for wheelchair access. The crazy part? The rear door is no longer hinged like normal, but rather, it’s a full gullwing door, like what you’d find on the Tesla Model X. It’s crazy!

I’ve never seen a wheelchair vehicle quite like this one, but I must admit it’s a pretty cool look with the door up. When you get inside, you can see there are modified controls that allow the driver to open the door, deploy the ramp and perform other functions, as you might expect. There are also hand controls to allow disabled people to operate the xB.

If you’re interested, this xB has traveled just 3,500 miles from new, and it’s offered by Sherman Dodge Chrysler Jeep in the Chicago area for $29,000. That’s far more than a typical xB due to the modifications, and it’s certainly a wheelchair vehicle that’s very different from other wheelchair vehicles. Find a Scion xB for sale

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  1. My question is…why? How could someone justify dumping that kind of money to modify an xB when you could get a minivan that’s more practical and way cheaper to modify (since there’s no need to change the door). 

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