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Autotrader Find: Nice 2001 Honda CR-V With a Manual Transmission

If, for some reason, you’re looking for a compact crossover with three pedals, this might be the best way to go. This is a 2001 Honda CR-V from the last year of the car’s first generation, and it’s in surprisingly nice shape. It also has a manual transmission.

Although most people don’t realize it, the CR-V was offered with a manual in its first and second generations. Perhaps more amazingly, the newer Honda HR-V was also offered with a manual when it first came out. Obviously, not many people opted for the manual, and Honda didn’t offer it for too long — but it was a good way to get the crossover’s entry price down, and to improve fuel economy back in the days when manuals got better gas mileage than automatics.

This is one such manual CR-V, and it’s in impressive condition. Although the Carfax report showed 240,000 miles as of its last report in April, this CR-V looks nice inside and out — and the rare manual transmission lever is, indeed, in between the seats, meaning this wasn’t incorrectly listed as a manual as some CR-V models can be.

Even though this CR-V is front-wheel drive, it still offers all the things people liked about the original CR-V — just with a more engaging driving experience, thanks to three pedals. It’s offered by Bay City Motors in the San Francisco Bay Area for just $2,999 — an excellent price for a "first car" with a manual transmission.

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  1. Most excellent. I worked at a newspaper that had a first-gen CRV like this as its newsroom car. It was a great little car, despite at that time being well over 12 years old and being beat on by various staff and interns (such as myself).

    Even with an automatic and FWD, the thing got me through multiple snowstorms and other treacherous weather. Great little cars that will run forever.
  2. And it hasn’t turned pink yet! I had one of these(automatic) and it definitely had some quirks but it was a solid car. Also, this one is AWD. 

  3. Please please please please please please please please make a video on a first generation Honda CRV pretty please with a cherry on top 

  4. Nice set of training wheels I’d say, I’m tempted to buy a cheap manual car to learn since I have yet to have learned how to do it.

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