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Can’t Audi Find a Better Place For Its Front Radar Sensors?

These days, basically all modern cars — and certainly all luxury cars — have radar sensors built into their fronts. These sensors do a wide variety of things, but their main function is to look forward for other vehicles in order to activate adaptive cruise control systems and automatic braking functions. Most automakers cleverly hide these sensors, typically within the automaker emblem on the front grille — but not Audi.

The vehicle you see above is the Audi A7, and if you look at the grille, you can clearly see the front radar sensors — even in this carefully lighted press photo. In real life, it’s even more obvious: There are two of them sitting on either side of the Audi logo up front, clearly breaking the aesthetic of the grille. They almost look like auxiliary flashing police lights.

I find it very odd that Audi makes these sensors so insanely obvious in the front of this car and in the front of other new Audi models. Audi has carefully planned a “corporate grille” — a front face of its vehicles designed to make sure you know an Audi is coming — and now they interrupt this grille with these very obvious sensors.

The big question is, why doesn’t Audi just integrate the sensors into the Audi badge like everyone else does? It’s an odd decision not to — and every time I see an A7, I’ll wonder about it. Hopefully this trend doesn’t spread to other Audi models, as I don’t consider it to be a very good look — and it should improve. Find an Audi for sale

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  1. It’s odd because in the current 2019 Audi S4 they are hidden like if they were front fog lights and designed into the front end so you can’t tell. Seems like a better move but maybe it’s due to the best placement and they take a stance it’s better for safety. 

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